The 605 mask with a quick lens change system!

The new goggle 605 of Salice Occhiali, for racing alpine skiing and snowboarding, represents a breakthrough in the technological research of the last few years, a step forward towards a market that requires to be more and more avant-garde. The main innovation consists in the innovative quick lens change system, which, thanks to a practical release and locking mechanism, will make it possible to replace the lens with a single click! Thanks to this useful system you can remove the lens and replace it in a few moments with a second lens supplied, contained in the goggle case (with carbon-like finishing) and its pouch. With a full-lens structure, the goggle 605 is equipped with a series of double mirrored ZEISS lens RW or alternatively can be mounted with the TECH lens, which brings together more technical features: it is at the same time photochromic and polarized, it also adds the multilayer mirror treatment able to increase the contrast. It should be noted that the category transition is from a non activated S2 to activated lens S4. The goggle is sold with a spare lens ZEISS SONAR, patented specifically for skiing, with the particular characteristic of filtering blue light, thus allowing the eye to identify the irregularities of the ground, which otherwise would not be immediately recognized, and skiing in maximum safety. It is a lens that adapts perfectly to any weather condition with an S2 protection category. The new goggle 605 is designed to be really used by everyone: the large internal volume ensures convenient use by those who wear corrective glasses. In addition to being a practical and technical tool, this model has an eye to the look and a careful design, as well as being very comfortable thanks to the soft hypoallergic velvet and the elastic with double adjustment. Provided in 17 different colors, it offers multiple combinations and combinations thanks to the new textures and colors of the strap designed to meet the tastes of different audiences. Snowboarders will find in the lively and bright combinations the one closest to their tastes.

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