105. This is the name of the new-born at Salice Occhiali. Modern and aggressive, the 105 is frameless goggle with an interesting aesthetic that blends simple and dynamic lines. Thanks to its minimal design is very appealing. This goggle’s technology is of the latest generation: the 105 has been designed according to the highest standards and with the best materials to meet the needs of high-level athletes and demanding enthusiasts. With a cylindrical lens, it is an "all mountain" goggle that suits everyone: the 105, in fact, is an Over The Glasses (OTG) goggle. The width of its interior is, then, reflected in the wide field of vision. Comfortable to wear, it adapts perfectly to any faces thanks to its soft hypoallergenic velvet. The 105 is equipped with a RW by ZEISS double mirror lens in polycarbonate with UV protection 400 nm, scratch-resistant and anti-fog. The 105 is also equipped with the technological-advanced lens RWX by NXT® winter technology. The innovative winter technology ensures optimal vision on the snow in all weather conditions, solving the typical problem of photochromic lenses which darken at low temperatures even in low light conditions. Produced by Essilor, it is powered by the state-of-the-art photochromic technology, providing the right level of protection as it adapts to the light environment. From low light to bright conditions, the lens protects your eyes from 100% of the UV rays. From category 1, when not activated, in environments and weather conditions with low light, to category 3, when activated, in bright conditions, the new RWX by NXT ® will also magnify your look! From a subtle gloss, while not activated, to intense blue aspect in bright condition. There are five other types of lenses available for the 105: RW Clear, Radium, ZEISS Sonar, CRX Polarflex, and Quattro. The last three lenses above have all really important characteristics. Sonar, by filtering blue light, it allows the eyes to see any terrain irregularities; the CRX Polarflex absorbs light reflections eliminating the sensation of the glare; the Quattro lens, which takes its name from its protection index, is developed for the high mountains / glacier with a double anti-fog lens that guarantees depth and protection in the most extreme situations. Finally, the colour combinations open up a world of choices: lenses and straps are a mix of style, from classic to trendy. Twelve colour combinations are available, in addition to the two versions of the “Centennial edition” with the Italian flag strap (white RW blue and black RW red) sold with a hard case and a pouch. There are some aggressive colour combinations of both the strap and the new RW Irex lens, an innovative lens which moves its different shades of fuchsia / purple in a new attractive colour. By shape, it is a unisex goggle, by colours the 105 offers a lot both for the purely masculine and more feminine tastes. Available colours: Lime RW Irex, Light blue RW Blue, Orange RW Irex, Charcoal RW Red, Charcoal RW Irex, Black RW Silver, Black RW Blue, Black RW Red, Black RW Gold, White RW Silver, White RW Gold, White RW Irex. Centennial edition colour variants: White/RW Blue, Black/RW Red.

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