104 is one of the last born in the Salice house. Simply captivating, the mask is appreciated for its compactness and aesthetic cleanliness, with the full-face toric lens. Perfect goggle for snowboard and freestyle, but still "all mountain", it is designed to the highest standards and with the use of the best materials on the market. Wide, for an optimal view and very comfortable to wear. It lends itself to the face in an absolutely perfect and comfortable way thanks to the hypoallergenic velvet. The big news is given by the interchangeable side clips that with a simple and quick gesture allow you to change the color of the mask. Not negligible, then, the over the glasses (otg): it can also be worn over eyeglasses. The double mirror lens RW by ZEISS has anti-scratch and anti-fog technology and offers protection from ultraviolet rays (UV400) with protection in category S3. The new 104 can also be equipped with 3 other types of lenses: RW Clear (cat. S1), Radium (cat S2) and Tech. This latest generation lens is photochromic and polarized at the same time, to which it then adds the multi-layer mirroring treatment in the gold color capable of increasing the contrast. base not activated S2 lens activated S4. Color combinations offer a great range of opportunities. Lenses and elastics are a mix, as always, of all style, from the sober to the most eccentric, with the large Salice lettering right on the elastic to complete the impact vision. Twelve combinations are available, in addition to the two versions (white RW blue and black RW yellow) with the tricolor elastic of the "Centennial" line (complete with a case). The 102 mask, thanks to the shapes and colors in which it is presented, is presented as a unisex model. Available colors: White RW yellow, white RW blue, white RW red, black RW red, white RW silver, white RW irex, black RW silver, white RW gold, black RW gold, black RW blue, black RW green, black RW yellow.

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