027 sunglass is clean, modern, highly technical. And of course versatile and incredibly enveloping. Here too the cylindrical base 6 lens dominates without compromise with an even clearer and more decisive line. The model is "all sports", also lending itself to use outside of training and competitions. It is characterized by simple lines, never interrupted, completely harmonious to create a fitting with the face, it is distinguished, then, for strength and lightness, offering the most total protection from light. The multidirectional ventilation from below guarantees a "special" passage of air, allowing the lens to "breathe" in any circumstance. The lens has the “lasered” Salice logo in the upper central part: a brand of the new collection. The lens change system is very simple, with the two side parts that are released from the lens with a click, as well as the nose piece. The temples with the attachments and the nosepiece holder are made of Grilamid to guarantee lightness and resistance. Terminals and nose pad (interchangeable) are in Megol, an anti-slip and "anti-slip" material. The fit is comfortable. The Salice logo in 3D to give tone and that extra techno pinch is embedded in the temple. 027 is equipped with an easily interchangeable lens in RW mirrored polycarbonate with UV 400 nm high contrast HC protection to guarantee a greater sense of depth for faster reactions. The lens is anti-scratch and with IDRO treatment to let water, dust and dirt slip away. The glasses, with a practical case, are supplied with a second transparent lens. The colors available here too are nine, of great impact. The lens and lens rod-attack color game is ready to convince even the most undecided: gold RW gold, black RW red, black RW black, lime RW black, crystal RW gold, orange RW red, white RW blue, white RW black, white RW purple.

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